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"Rediscovering Your Passions: Why Self-Care is More Than Just Bubble Baths"

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Self Care is More Than Just Bubble Baths

I am in such a great place right now, and it has so much to do with self-care. How did I get here? What steps did I take? Let me explain. 

Self-care is digging deeper inside yourself and learning how to handle past or present trauma or issues impacting your mental health.  

Are you looking for a way to improve your mental health and overall well-being?  

Take a deeper dive to address past or present trauma. You will discover a renewed sense of purpose and passion. Don't let the stress of daily life weigh you down or negatively impact your mental health. Make self-care a priority and discover the benefits of a daily self-care routine. With consistency and dedication, you can develop a renewed sense of self and a more positive outlook on life. 

Self-care is more than just bubble baths and face masks. It's about taking the time to care for yourself and rediscovering your passions. Start your journey towards greater well-being today.

Here are some ways you can practice self-care daily. 

  1. Develop a morning habit/routine

  2. Be committed to the process 

  3. Journal about your process

  4. Change your eating habits

  5. Work on your physical fitness

  6. De-clutter your home and office space

  7. De-clutter your computer, phone 

  8. Spent less time on social media and be careful what you expose your mind to daily

  9. If needed, seek professional help

I learned starting small is best, and then I added other elements to my self-care routine. I started with the basics, such as taking a warm bath, getting enough sleep, and exercising. Then, I added journaling, meditation, and spending quality time with family and friends. Finally, I added activities that bring me joy, like reading a book, listening to music, or working out.

The hardest part of this was embracing the things life has dealt with me and being able to move past them. See, this was more than bubble baths. It was days of healing, forgiveness, crying, and being happy. You are worth this journey, and trust me when I tell you it is worth it. 

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