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Renewal - Simple ways to revamp your home's energy

Start by decluttering - get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose or bring joy. Change the color palette of your home with a few pieces of furniture or accessories. Introduce plants to add life and color to any room.

Another way to revamp your home's vibe is by bringing life into the home. Hang art pieces that you love and bring positive energy into your home. Add textures to your home with throws, cushions, and rugs. Finally, add scents like candles or essential oils to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Plants are another way to shift the energy. Plants can freshen the air, reduce stress, and create a peaceful environment. You can also use plants to introduce a touch of nature into your home. Finally, plants can help you create harmony and balance in your home.

I recently purchased some indoor and outdoor plants, and of course, they are low maintenance. As soon as I added these plants I could feel a shift in the energy. My home felt alive again.

low-maintenance plants
Bring new energy into my space

Some low-maintenance plants I love are:

  1. Snake plant

  2. Succulent

  3. Bamboo

  4. Cactus

I put colorful cactus on my outdoor patio, and it was such a beautiful addition to a once dull area. The other plants were placed in my living room/dining area. I spend most time in these areas, so I wanted energy there.

Cacti represent resilience and strength, so placing them outdoors was meant to bring that energy to the patio. The other plants were chosen because they are known for their energy and vibrancy, and placing them in the living/dining area was meant to bring that same energy into those rooms.

It's the simple things for me that help me stay focused as I maintain harmony in my life. I believe that the plants I have chosen can bring a sense of peace and balance to my home. They remind me to take things slow and to appreciate the small moments in life. I'm grateful for the natural beauty in my home which helps me to stay grounded. Remember it does not have to cost a fortune.

Winter will be here soon. What are you going to do to revamp your home?

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1 Comment

Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
Oct 15, 2023

I love art and plants. We have a new bamboo plant in our living room. Plants do add life.

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