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Reset! Am Ready

Today is the first day of May am excited about my reset.

For the next 2-weeks, I will be doing a strict Raw Vegan diet.

I will be eating raw veggies and fruits and drinking green tea.

I can drink nut milk. I love non-sweet Oat milk. I can have nuts and seeds, grains such as black or wild rice, rolled oats, and quinoa.

May is an exciting month for me on all levels.

Everyone needs to reset every once in a while.

Today think about an area of your life you would like to reset and try it for the entire month or the next 2-weeks.

Happy May!

Remember to turn in all this month for some exciting new content.

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May 01, 2022

I love this post. Everyone has a busy schedule and forget about what matters the most, YOU. I will be doing the same reset in May and cant wait for the results!! Keep it up mom!! Loving these posts!!!

May 01, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much My wonderful son! Love you to the moon and back!🥰😘❤️🙏🏽

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