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Self Love

It has taken me time to learn how to love myself.

Some of you may feel the same way or not. I

don't recall ever having a conversation about self-love with anyone.

Why has it taken me all these years to embrace this concept? I am not sure I have an answer for you.

My parents stressed school, college, and getting a good job, encouraging us to be the best in all our undertakings.

Would I have done anything differently if I knew self-love and self-care; I don't know.

I like to think my choices would have been different in some situations. I can make a list. Or I can take a deep breath and move forward with my new tools.

I am now a firm believer in looking forward as I continue my life's journey. If I cloud my spirit and mind with the past serves no purpose.

I must continue manifesting the vision I have for myself. While doing me, I will continue with my daily affirmation and take care of myself, mind, body, and soul.

Your journey is all part of life but remember to love yourself during the process.

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