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Special Dedication to Tyre Nichols

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

" I just trying to get home." " Mama" These were the words of Tyre Nichols. I am more than angry right now. As a Mother, I can't even imagine her pain; her son crying for her so close to home. I pray every single day for the safety of my son, family members, and friends. Having a conversation with my son about his safety almost every day.

When he leaves the house and is on his way home, having me on the phone or calling me when he gets home.

I want Tyre to be remembered for the way he lived! He was a son, father, brother, and friend, loved by so many. He will not end up being a hashtag! He was someone who loved skateboarding and photography. He wanted the world to see what he saw, through his eyes. His mother said, " My son was a beautiful soul. He was a good boy, No one's perfect, but he was damn near."

Please take time to look at Tyre's website. Read his words! All day I have been thinking about how to honor this beautiful black man. I am not sure my words could ever do him justice. I hope to bring more people to know who Tyre was in this world. Rest in heaven.

My heart remains broken.


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Unknown member
Jan 29, 2023

YESSSSS! I too had another conversation with my son.


Unknown member
Jan 29, 2023

It breaks my heart to think of anyone getting beaten like this child of God was beaten. May he rest in peace.

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