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Tonight, I was thinking about what I should blog about to start the month.

I had the basketball game on the tv as I was in and out of sleep.

I realize I was still trying not to put more information into my brain. Then as I was getting ready to shut down for the evening, I came across this quote.

"Being still & quiet for a few minutes

a day gives your mind a break from the input. That break creates space in

your thinking, which allows you to

hear your own voice and get back

in tune with your inner compass."

~Cory Allen

This quote was timely. After a long day at work, I needed a break to refocus.

How often do you give your mind a break? Do you ever feel fatigued?

It could mean you need to give your mind a break.

We give our bodies a rest/break; the mind needs the same.

Since this is the beginning of the month, try giving your mind a rest. Keep track of how you are feeling. Notice any difference?

Let me know how your journey goes.

Happy "still time"!

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1 Kommentar

Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
01. Juli 2022

I heard about still time some years ago. It is easier said than done as one's mind sometimes keeps going.

Gefällt mir
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