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The year was 1977

The year was 1977. It changed my entire life and my childhood. The year was 1977. I was taken from a home I knew and moved to another state with my family. I did not want to go. I asked my Nana to adopt me; so I did not have to go. My spirit knew this would change my entire life. It was the last year I knew who I was. I was scared, confused, and angry. I had no control over my own life and felt powerless. Now, I look back and realize that this experience taught me resilience and determination.

Those feelings have stayed with me throughout my life, but I've learned to use them to my advantage. I now face challenges with courage and strive to make the best of any situation. I also have a newfound appreciation for finding strength inside of me. I have learned always to be open to change and to never give up. I now take risks and challenge myself to push boundaries. I have embraced my newfound resilience and used it to create a better life for myself and those around me.

This journey to a new state would prove challenging to say the least. I had to learn to overcome a very traumatizing event. In the long run, it made me the person I am today.

There are things in our lifetime that change us forever. I will not talk about what happened. What matters is the growth and lessons I have learned along the way.

I have become stronger and wiser for all that I have gone through. I have also gained valuable insights that I can use to help others. Most of all, I have developed a sense of appreciation for the little things in life. I am grateful for the person I am today and for my growth and perseverance.

I wish I had the wisdom I possess today back then. I know I could have prevented so much heartache.

We all experience something in our lifetime, and how we react to it allows us to grow and learn. I understand we can't control life, but we can control our reaction to it. We can choose to learn from our experiences, no matter how difficult, and use them to become better versions of ourselves.

I often wonder what I would say to my younger self before I moved. Am still working on this piece of advice.

"It's the movement in the dance that leads us to the rhythm of the beat." - Unknown

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