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This Day...

Today was a tough day. All this week, I have not felt like working out. My balance was off. It was all supposed to be different. None of this should be as it is today.

The dress in my closet would have been worn. I would be looking out of the hotel window in Greece.

I gaze outside the window, working on business plans for my podcast and an outline for the book I have always wanted to write.

It was the dream and my vision on my vision board, am not given up on my dream.

Then I realized it was not to be because it was not God's plan and who am I to argue with God?

Now, it's time to Get Ready, Set and Go! Am ready and free from what was holding me down.


There is nothing wrong with a reset so you can get back on track. Clarity is key.


Go back to the beginning and figure out where you went off track. Then restart there.


Know you are resilient; it is right in front of you, don't rethink it.


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