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We all have things that might trigger you to react a certain way. It may be hard to resist the temptation to respond to the situation.

I think each circumstance is different and should proceed accordingly.

I am not here to tell you how to respond. I do want you to try and breathe before you do.

Recently I went through a bad experience and was triggered by the other person's responses to me.

I felt disrespected, unloved, my soul cracked, and my trust broken.

I could have handled the situation differently as I had done in the past, but I did not.

I ask for forgiveness from God and then the person on the other end.

My prayers included that the person understood how their actions were the cause of my trigger.

I am a work in process and will continue to take accountability.

Know your triggers and deal with them first before you respond.

You never want to do anything you are not able to change.

Write out what is bothering you and use your words carefully.

Acknowledge your feelings and then move on.

I allowed this situation to steal my peace and make me someone I am not.

Lesson Learned. None of us is perfect; I will work on being my best self.

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I feel you! On the other hand, if someone comes for your child(ren), Momma Bear will surface without remorse. 😁

When growing up, if someone called me the B word was a trigger, and they would receive my wrath. That word remains a trigger; I have calmed my response due to the legality of my actions.

I came to adapt to the 10-sec inner breathing rule before taming my desired response. So far, so good.


Yes, I have my limits when it comes to my son! Great perspective as always! ❤️

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