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We see mistakes or flaws that can appear differently to others. Let me explain. As some may know, I sell a collection of journals, planners, and notebooks on Amazon. One of my journals had a flaw that I have recently corrected. But someone shared something with me. Their daughter loved it. She said it made it unique. I will not disclose the rest of the message for privacy reasons, but my heart was filled with joy. It meant the world to me! I had been stressing about how to fix it. Only to be told I did not have to.

It made me think about how our uniqueness brings a special little something to others. Not everything needs to be fixed. I had to remind myself I did not need to be a perfectionist. I need to be me.

When I think about self-care and the hard work that goes into digging deep,we are not looking to be perfect, but we are looking to live with the gifts we have been given.

We are not looking to be perfect but we should learn to accept our God-given uniqueness. Self-care is about recognizing and embracing our strengths and weaknesses and learning how to be a better version of ourselves. It is about listening to our needs, understanding our motivations, and taking responsibility for our actions. Self-care is an act of self-love and acceptance.

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 Self-care is about understanding our core values and being true to who we are. It is about learning to accept our mistakes, learning from them, and being kind to ourselves. Self-care is also about setting boundaries and caring for our mental and physical health.

 However, some would argue that self-care is selfish because it involves taking time away from others to focus on oneself. The argument is that self-care should be done in moderation and not at the expense of relationships with others.

It's not, it only helps you to be your unique self. Taking care of yourself gives you the capacity to be there for others. They reach out because you are who you are. Unique!

A woman wrting in her journal
Journal for Self Care

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