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What's the plan?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

How to live your best life.

Recently, I heard someone say consistency is boring. When I thought about this statement I agreed. Consistency can feel robotic. But, you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing what you do to maintain this type of lifestyle.

Here are some tips if you do not have a routine or struggle with where to start. Start with small changes like setting an alarm to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. This can help you build a better sense of structure in your day. You can also try to establish healthy habits like drinking enough water, eating balanced meals, and exercising regularly.

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For me, I switch up my routine but do not neglect myself in this process. Let me give you some examples. For example, I have been practicing mindfulness each day to practice mindfulness, taking my workout clothes at night so I am ready in the morning, and meal planning. All of this is done keeping my work schedule in mind.

It is very important for my home's energy to be cleansed. I burn sage to cleanse the energy in my home, and I also incorporate crystals for additional protection. I also make sure to keep my home tidy and organized to create a peaceful environment. Praying before exercising is my time with God. This meditation on his word sets the tone for my day. This allows me to handle life events better. When I work out the weight doesn't get easier to lift, I get stronger. It gives me the strength to stand straight and never sink to any level.

My plan is to move. What do I mean? I will move out of the way of toxic people, move past my pain, and move smarter. I will keep on pushing and moving forward toward a better version of myself. I'm not alone in this journey, God is with me and will guide me through it. I'm ready for what lies ahead.

There are 5 things I am quitting as I detoxify my life. They are as follows:

Fearing change.

Living in the past.


Putting myself down

Trying to please everyone.

Let me break down each of the five. Fearing change keeps you stationary. It keeps you stuck in the same place, unable to move forward. Procrastination is another big issue, as it delays achieving goals. Last, perfectionism can be damaging as it sets unrealistic expectations which can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Living in the past prevents you from seeing your progress. There is nothing I can do to change the past, but I learn from it. I want to keep my eyes on the prize in front of me, moving forward to my next elevation.

As for number 3, this has been a difficult habit to break. How did I overcome the urge to overthink? I focused on the present moment and the possibilities it held. I reminded myself that dwelling on the past only robbed me of the joy of the present. I chose to be mindful and take action toward my goals instead.

In the past, you heard me speak about how we speak to ourselves is key. I wish I could take back some of the self-sabotaging words I used against myself. Practicing affirmations and meditation has really helped me dig deep into my inner self. And I love who I am and what I see.

Trying to please everyone else instead of pleasing myself was a big mistake. I now take the time to listen to my inner thoughts and trust my intuition. I'm now putting my wellbeing first and that has made a huge difference. I have to put myself first otherwise.

In conclusion, it's essential to prioritize my own needs and desires. This has helped me become more mindful, and it has enabled me to take control of my life. I'm now much more content and fulfilled.

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