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Year In Review

2021 was filled with challenges, to say the least, as we dealt with a pandemic and political unrest. For me, it was my recovery from surgery, a job layoff, and a secret. I wondered at times if I was making the right decision and for the right reasons as I continued to juggle my new job and personal life.

I was hard on myself at times and felt as if there was no end in sight to some of the decisions I had to make during this time but I had to stay focused. During these months I adjusted my thoughts and had to retrain my brain to my new job. Having dealt with corporate trauma, I had to understand this new position was not the cause of my past trauma.

For two years I had a secret I could not talk about it was a secret I choose to keep close because there would be friends and family that would not understand this journey I was on. It was a journey that keep me happy and was also the source of many tears. I will continue to keep this secret close since I still have faith all will work out in the end.

Financially the journey was an interesting one and one that continues as I learn how to build wealth. See it is all about what you say and do. I forgot my own rule of speaking of wealth vs just the opposite. I am so glad I saw there was a pot of gold at the end of the road.

I choose not to reflect on the negative but use all of my experiences to grow, live my dreams, and attract peace, serenity, health, and wealth in 2022 and beyond.

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