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Good Vibes

It's imperative to protect your energy and attract good vibes.

We all have our unique way of doing what is best for our minds,

body and soul

Here are some things you can do to attract good vibes:

  1. Laugh

  2. Believe in something, for example, miracles

  3. Trust yourself

  4. Forgive

  5. Compliment someone else

  6. Go for a walk, run any outdoor activity

  7. Feed your spirit and your positive energy

  8. Say Thank You

  9. Tell yourself and someone else how amazing they are

  10. Feed your soul/spirit

Are you doing any of the ten items listed?

Or do you have one which is not on the list?

Do what works for you.

Protecting our good vibes or energy is key to living a good life. When you send out positive energy, you will get back. Remember to remove yourself from any situation or circumstance in which the energy is not good.

Right now am doing everything in my power to protect my peace and energy. You might ask, Renée how is that working for you. let’s just say my world is filled with harmony and am attracting everything I have visualized.

I am now celebrating the little milestones each and every day. I know each one is one step closer to my bigger milestones.

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I can safely say, I am indeed incorporating those 10 things in my life on a daily basis.

Jun 20, 2022
Replying to

Awesome so glad they can help you! 😃

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