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It's my time

For so many years, I have always put others first. I feel guilty about putting myself first. I had to learn how to show up for myself. I had to learn how to prioritize my own needs. I made decisions that were in line with my values. I had to learn how to permit myself to take care of myself and not feel guilty about it. I also had to learn to accept and love myself.

Here are some techniques I put into place as I moved into my new way of self-love and self-care.

  1. I had to change my belief and vision as to the life I wanted for myself

  2. Learn I as a priority and this was not wrong

  3. Figuring out my boundaries and learning to keep them in place

  4. Stop standing myself up & show up for me

This helps me be better in every aspect of my life. The one thing I will not do is look back at my past when I was not there for myself. If I did this it would stop my forward moment and I will wreck.

I would prefer to live life forward remembering it's my time. This is all part of loving myself. Taking a break from placing others first has helped me to keep my cup running over with positive vibrations.

What does it mean to be there for yourself?

It is about living life with passion. I get to experience myself, I can express myself, heal and love myself. I have learned to listen to my feelings so that I can be in touch with my true essence. Close your eyes and think about what I just said. I want you to think about how good it will feel to be present with your body and emotions, so you can vibrate at a higher level. You would be showing up for yourself, even when you did not want to. How about trying new things, like doing a stretch activity.

Learning to align my values in all aspects. 3 ways I can be there for myself also include the following:

  1. Practicing self-kindness

  2. Honoring my feelings

  3. Being intentional and checking in with myself

In the end, I have no regrets about placing myself first. It has given me the freedom to embrace the person I have become, vibrating on a higher level.

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Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
06 oct 2023

You matter and you are important.

Me gusta
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