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Pretty Woman

The other day I saw an old movie, " Pretty Woman." I never realized how this movie represents the best and worst of people.

The first time I can recall watching this movie, I saw the fairy tale love story. But this time, I see inequalities among people in society. I never looked at it from the lives of others. I was caught up in the fantasy.

As I watched this movie, I began to dial in on the corporate plot. Richard Gere plays the character Edward Lewis, who is a wealthy corporate raider from New York.

In my professional career, I worked with ambitious people. For myself, I wanted senior leadership. I put all my energy into achieving this goal. I did this goal with another company but at what cost?

I can make a list of things I did not place first in my life as I pursued this senior leadership goal. Richard begins to realize his purpose and what is missing toward the movie's end. He gets the opportunity to correct. We don't get this opportunity in real life unless we realize we need to pivot.

I can never change the past, am grateful for the journey it led me to where I am today.

When you reflect on your vision, goals, your life's journey, remember it all has a purpose.

I know this has all been part of my learning and growth. I can't turn the clock back.

I don't have a director say; " Cut, let's try this again." What I do have is the wisdom to continue to move forward.


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Unknown member
Jan 26, 2023

Not many people can say that they have learned the reason for their journey. Congratulations.


Unknown member
Jan 25, 2023

Renee, what I like most in your post, is that you 'learned.' Life is a rewarding journey when we recognize how we can do better, so we do!

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