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This is My Happy Place

There I was in Target when I saw the piece of art you see in this post. It made me feel happy.

I decided I would get two; I purchased one for my office. Each day I could look at this as a reminder of why I was in leadership.

Now I work from home but this artwork is within view. The other was purchased for my home.

I see this art hanging on my wall right by my front door.

I decided to hang the other one in my bedroom where I could see it when I go to bed at night and when I wake in the morning.

This simple artwork is just a reminder to me every single day of how grateful I am for all of my blessings.

Do you have something either at work or at home to help bring the feeling of joy or gratefulness?

Look around and find one space you can use to place something important/special to you; not only will it serve as a reminder, but it can also provide you with positive energy. This energy brings about better health and productivity.

I am so glad I have this space because today I needed a reminder.

Positive vibes!

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