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6 Ethics of Life

Whether you are an entrepreneur or work for a company, it is critical to maintain harmony in your professional and personal life. What does living ethically mean? Living ethically means making conscious decisions about how we interact with ourselves and those around us. This can involve being honest, respecting boundaries, considering others' feelings, and striving to do the right thing. Ethics provides the foundation for a meaningful, fulfilling life. Its roots run deep. When I ran across this image from @successfulprofessional, I felt compelled to share it with you.

As you look at the six ethics of life listed, do you agree? Why or why not? I like for you to take a deeper dive with me into this topic. Try this, and write down the reasons why you agree. If you do not agree, write down why you see it differently. After you have your reasons, ask yourself how these apply to your life. Is there anything I can do differently?

Let me break down my take on all 6:

  1. Believe: This is so meaningful to me. What you believe about who you are or what you can accomplish determines what you become. Why would you pray for something you don't believe you desire? It's counterproductive. Believe with all your might as you pray.

  2. Listen: Most miscommunication occurs due to miscommunication. Being present when someone is speaking to me is so important. Too often we are going over a response in our heads, vs. hearing what the other person is trying to communicate to us.

  3. Earn: Before I spend money on anything, I ask myself if is it a want or a need. Paying myself back first is so important. Looking for ways to save in the long run, helps me to treat myself.

  4. Think: I believe in never responding in anger when I disagree with something, especially in writing. One bad impulse decision can change your entire life. When you think, it should be in a calm nondestructive setting, so you can truly connect with each emotion.

  5. Try: You will never know what you can accomplish in life unless you try. Never quit on yourself. How you think of yourself is so important. Speaking I quit to yourself is self-defeating and does so much damage.

  6. Live: We have one opportunity to live this life we are been given. I use to feel bad and regret missed opportunities. Now I choose to live and continue to push forward in living my best purposeful life.

I am learning how to fall in love with myself and become even better. My purpose in life is to live an ethical life that I am proud of and that God would have me live. I would love to hear your comments. Let's chat about it.

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Julio Leaty
Julio Leaty
Aug 11, 2023

Great words to live by. I dare anyone to follow those rules and not succeed. I'm taking the liberty to add: Plan, Work hard, and persevere.

Aug 11, 2023
Replying to

Yes i total agree! For failure is not an option!

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