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Begin Ignored

I saw this quote, which is calling me to comment. I want to take this further than a relationship between a man and a woman. I'll touch on two other types of relationships; friends and associates from work.

Some of you may have people you consider your friends; do you hang out with these friends; peers you work with are not always your friend; they are associates.

After being laid off from the same company, I found out quickly; someone I thought was a friend only was there when I could do something for them at work. After the laid-off, I no longer served a purpose.

I did not chase or run behind them to say, " Hey, remember me?" I moved on with my life.

There are times when the dynamics in your friends' lives have changed. Times to talk and connect were less, and you may have felt hurt. For me, I learned to love my friend.

I have learned life can't evolve around others. I had to find my purpose and pursue it.

The same thing goes for any relationship. I will never beg someone to be with me. Nor will I lose my purpose in any relationship.

Action in a relationship speaks volumes. If you ignore me, your letting me know I am no longer a part of your life. I will let you go and move on with my life, healing along my journey. There is no coming back into my life.

The issue I have is all we have to do is have the conversation. This childish behavior of ignoring me will not make me want you more. There will be no chasing, and I will not ask why. For what purpose have you made your decision to ignore me, right? No more extending myself to ask for answers. I will never have to beg for someone to love me.

So you see, there are different levels on how to handle changes in your relationship with others. Be ready to navigate these relationships in the best way for you. And know, it's okay to walk away.

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1 Comment

Mar 17, 2023

I like this affirmation of what NOT to do. Often, we fall victim to giving the person the benefit of the doubt, so we place a call to them. Only then does it hit home that he/she has lost interest because their tone/energy

is different when they answer your call, and it's a spacey conversation exchange.

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