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It's never too late to rebuild

Hit the Professional Ceiling -

Here are some ways to relaunch your career and break the glass ceiling. Develop new skills, network with industry leaders, and create a portfolio that showcases your accomplishments. Invest in yourself and your career--attend conferences, seminars, and workshops to stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

How do you know if you have hit a roadblock in your career growth? Consider speaking to a career coach or mentor to get their advice and help you find solutions. Identifying any roadblocks early on can help you plan and take action to overcome them. Furthermore, engaging in professional development can provide additional insights and resources to help you reach your goals. I strongly suggest a career strategist. My Career Strategist has helped me overcome challenges and grab opportunities during my professional career. For example, if I was meeting with senior leadership, she would help me prepare for my meeting. Over the years, I have acquired so much knowledge and the courage to show up. I don't only show up like I belong at the table, but I own the table.

It is very imperative to keep a list of all your contributions during each performance period. You need to be prepared to tell your story. This will help you when it's time to negotiate your salary or ask for a promotion. You need to be able to show the value you bring to the table. Rehearse your story and be confident in your value so you can get the recognition you deserve.

It is also important that you build a positive brand. This means networking and making sure you are seen as a professional in your field. Get out to industry events and make sure your online presence is reflective of the brand you want to portray.

Have a plan B. I can recall when I did not have a plan B. I was completely blindsided during a reorganization at the company I had worked for over 10 years. I had to start from scratch and it was a difficult period in my life. But I learned the importance of backup plans and I always have one. Having a plan B gives you security and peace of mind in case of unforeseen circumstances.

It is never too late to break the glass ceiling and achieve your career aspirations. Life is unpredictable and having a backup plan helps to reduce the risks. Having a plan B also gives you the confidence to pursue your goals and take on new challenges. To succeed in life, having a plan B is essential.

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