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What's the Point?

Recently, I have been reflecting on relationships, whether work or interpersonal. I have grown from all of them. Each relationship has something to offer, whether it be growth, understanding, or even just companionship. Relationships are essential to our lives, and it is important to appreciate them. It is also important to remember to take a step back and reflect on them from time to time. We should be mindful of how we treat our relationships, and take the time to nurture them. We should also strive to learn from our relationships, and use them as opportunities for growth. Finally, we should remember that all relationships come with a balance of give and take.

How do you give and take in a relationship?

For me, it is about being true to myself first and making sure I am comfortable with the decisions I make in each relationship. A work relationship is treated differently than a family or romantic relationship. In a working relationship, I aim for professionalism and honesty. I focus on building trust and respect with my colleagues, and I keep my communication clear and open. I also strive for a healthy work-life balance. In a romantic relationship, I prioritize communication and trust. I strive to build a strong emotional connection and create an atmosphere of mutual respect. In a family relationship, I prioritize understanding and empathy, and I focus on creating an environment of love and support. My family is extremely important and sometimes these relationships can be complex. It's so important to love and appreciate each other. I strive to model these values to my son, and I am committed to being a role model of kindness and compassion. I also recognize the importance of clear boundaries, and I strive to set an example of healthy communication and respect.

What's the point in saving a relationship
Relationshps - Marriage

Giving myself to each of these relationships is incredibly valuable to me. However, I make sure I don't allow any of these interactions to drain me or suck the life out of me. Sometimes you have to say no or walk away. It's a must to recognize when you have reached your limits and need a break. Being mindful of our limits and protecting our energy is essential for maintaining our mental and emotional well-being. Time for yourself is just as imperative as nurturing your relationships.

So what's the point in saving a relationship when you are lied to again? It's necessary to accept when a relationship is not worth saving and it is time to move on. We all have to make sure to never forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care should always come first. When someone claims to love lies, I question whether their love is true. Lies can be a sign that someone is not being honest and reliable, which are important qualities in a relationship. If someone is not honest and reliable, it is likely not worth saving the relationship. If you can't tell me the truth about simple things, why should I believe you when you say you love me? If someone can't be honest and reliable, then it's probably not a good relationship. We all deserve to be loved and respected in a relationship, and if that isn't the case then it's time to move on. Moving on is not always easy, listen to your inner voice and heart.

In the end, I will always do what is right for myself as long as it is not harmful to anyone. Sometimes, walking away is the only solution.

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